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Architects vs General Contractor – Who Should You Hire First?

Should You Consult a Contractor Before Hiring Your Florida Architect?

For extensive building or remodeling projects, most reputable contractors agree that it’s a good idea to hire an architect. Just avoid using them for hashing out ideas in a way that you can do for free with your contractors, because consulting with architects can be very expensive. The more money you spend on architects, who generally don’t focus on how much a design will ultimately cost, the less you have left in your building or remodeling budget. That can undermine the goal you first had in mind when you chose an architect. For that reason, many savvy homeowners first arrange a pre-architect brainstorming session with their contractor. Then they can more easily understand and describe their conceptual ideas and budgetary preferences when they’re ready to communicate their vision to the architect.

Why Contractors are Such a Good Resource

While architects can help you put your overall vision to blueprints, an expert contractor can help you narrow down your options to make decisions easier. Keep in mind that a builder or remodeler like Markley Construction has seen many different floor plans and designs supplied by various skilled and talented architects. They have also executed dozens of those designs in a hands-on way. They don’t just know the designs in a conceptual way. They ordered the materials, they built the projects from the ground-up, and they have a keen understanding of problems and solutions related to translating your vision into a completed reality. More importantly, they can give you lots of creative ideas, practical advice, and intelligent guidance before you ever need to pay a penny to the architect you select.

Pricing and Budgeting Considerations

They can help you crunch the numbers in terms of what each design will likely cost. Contractors have “on the ground” experience that allows them to keep their finger on the pulse of construction materials pricing trends. A high-end contractor like Markley also has a network for sourcing harder-to-find items for luxury homes. The Markley team can provide the experience and expertise needed to fully inform your architectural planning. If it’s not available in South Florida, they know where to go to find it. That even includes unique supplies and architectural features from more distant and exotic markets in Europe or elsewhere. Because they have active relationships and partnerships with their suppliers, they can also pass their discounts along to you.

What to Discuss with Your Contractor

Markley Construction serves clients in locations including Sarasota, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Lido Key, Bird Key, Casey Key, and west central Florida. We are a premier builder of fine homes and also offer high-end remodeling services for discerning homeowners. We have outstanding relationships with suppliers and architects in Sarasota and Manatee counties, and can help you find those rare fixtures and features that define a truly customized luxury home. Please call or email us today to learn more and to receive expert pre-architect consulting ideas and advice pertinent to the local market.

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