Concrete Contracting 101

Concrete 101

What you should know before Hiring a Concrete Contractor?

  • Substrates – This Ensures a Quality Project

    The first thing to consider in creating long lasting concrete project is a well compacted substrate. This is the area beneath the concrete. The substrate must be strong enough to withstand the weight of both the concrete and all loads in addition to the concrete encountered throughout its lifetime to prevent any cracking and failures of the concrete. A poor substrate is one of the most common causes of cracks and failure to a concrete project. In order to install concrete that will last for generations, the substrate should have a good mixture of sand and aggregate/stone.

  • Concrete Additives for Greater Strength

    We use steel reinforcement bar in the concrete to add strength in certain applications. The purpose of steel reinforcement bars in any concrete is to add strength when the concrete is stressed in tension. Some examples where reinforcement bars are used is in concrete footings, vertical columns and horizontal beams. We also use what’s called “Fiber Mesh” which is an additive to the concrete and gives the concrete greater strength. The use of fiber mesh in concrete is a stronger form of concrete reinforcement and helps provide long lasting stability and endurance to your concrete projects.

  • Concrete Mix – The Right Mix for Your Project

    Concrete mix varies in the size of aggregate, the amount of cement, and the types of additives. Concrete can come in many different strengths when ordered. This is known a PSI (pounds per square inch), and some common concrete strength that is used are 3500 PSI, 4000 PSI, 4500 PSI and 5000 PSI. A properly designed concrete mixture will possess good workability when fresh and solid durability and strength when hardened. Such a mixture contains approximately 10%-15% cement, 60%-75% aggregate and 10%-15% water, with entrained air often ranging from 3%-5%.

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