Creating the right balance in your new home is essential for a harmonious look and feel. Houses built now and in the coming years will have to effortlessly blend traditional aspects with changing technology and tastes. Although it sounds tricky, it is possible so long as you keep the following tips in mind. Furthermore, you can build your custom home exactly to your taste. Feel free to take creative liberty as you please.


The best way to create a soothing space no matter the design is to create a versatile pallet. Try to stay away from ornate or flashy structures. A custom mural might look amazing in a French café, but it shouldn’t adorn your living room ceiling. Archways are great, but they look better as large, cased openings. Crown molding and wide baseboards add design without being too busy. Open floorplans are very popular, plus they make it easy to keep things simple. There are less walls and weird hallways or walkways to work around. Keep this in mind for remodels also. Knocking down walls can simplify and modernize an outdated home.


There are many options when it comes to materials for your new home. When you want an up-to-date home that also stays true to traditional design, use materials that never go out of style. Natural wood is extremely versatile. It works well with pretty much any other material. Not only that, but it also can be re-stained or refinished to accommodate changing tastes and styles. Plus, wood elements like flooring, ceiling beams, and furniture can help warm up a more modern looking home.

A great way to ease the transition of both modern and traditional is to incorporate old material with new flare. Marble counters and subway tile backsplashes can blend well with modern, stainless steel appliances. Paint traditional-styled furniture like desks and tables white for a quick updating. You can also use bold fabrics and patterns on classic chairs or other seating.


You want to make sure that your home’s design is smooth and continuous. For a transitional home, use the same materials throughout the house. Love the granite you used in the kitchen? Carry it over to the bathrooms as well. You can also use the same hardwood or tile flooring throughout the house to ensure a beautiful flow.


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