Wine has amazing attributes. Whether you prefer red or white, wine can reduce your risk of having a heart attack or heart disease. It also preserves brain function as you age. In addition, it makes an excellent gift and ice breaker. For whatever reason you love wine, incorporating it into your home’s design can really add to your home. Below are a few ways to add sophisticated and luxurious wine elements to your home.


True wine connoisseurs deserve an all-out wine room. You can build it to suit your exact taste, but it should include some key aspects. First, it should have a showpiece bar. Use panels from wooden wine crates to adorn the bar face and stainless steel or stone for the bar top. Your wine room can also feature glass displays with backlighting. In terms of seating, the comfier the better. Oversized chairs, cushioned barstools, and plush couches are all ideal choices.


When it comes to wine cellars, homeowners have really upped the ante. Wine cellars work best in areas of your home with little sunlight, hence why they’re called cellars. Some people build them under glass trap doors directly on their kitchen floors. If that doesn’t work for you, try building one under the stairs, or next to the pantry. Luckily, wine cellars don’t have to be very large to be impressive. At the very least it simply needs to be climate and humidity controlled. The rest is up to you.


The best part about artwork is it can be perfectly tailored for your taste. They also make great DIY projects. Plus, if you make it yourself, each piece can be as large or as small as you need, so it can fit anywhere. Collect corks for a custom canvas, or use shattered bottles for a jagged mosaic. Used bottles also make interesting lanterns or vases. For a more rustic look, use large wine barrels for a side table or bar-height table, just add stools. Not into DIY? There are several online stores, or support your local artists at farmer’s markets or street fairs.


Whether you’re looking to add a custom wine cellar or lavish wine room, contact Markley Construction. We offer full luxury remodels or decadent custom homes for the inner wine lover in you. Call or email [email protected].