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What to expect from Your General Contractor?

We strive to understand your wishes/ideas by doing the extra work to ensure that the end result is exactly what you as our client envisioned.

  • Collaboration

    We aim to complete the project to your expectations while building a relationship of trust and understanding. Bringing your dream home to reality is a very personal endeavor which requires us to spend a long time together in collaboration. During this time we will really get to know you and your family and at the end not only do we complete a fantastic project but we gain new friends to our Markley Construction team.

  • Professionalism

    We pride ourselves on having a courteous and professional staff. There is no tolerance for any foul language or foul body language from anyone ever. We hold our staff and subcontractors to a much higher standard than the industry’s stereotypical construction worker. We expect everyone that walks onto the job site to be courteous and respectful to everyone that is working on the project as well as the surrounding neighbors, this means no loud music.

  • Safety First

    We go the extra mile to ensure a safe work environment; everyone’s safety is our top concern. On the majority of our projects, a safety plan is implemented and everyone is to follow the plan daily.

  • Clean Job Site

    No job site will ever be left dirty with trash piled up. Every day the job site will be cleaned and trash hauled off or disposed of in a dumpster. We demand a clean job site on all of our jobs; this creates a safer work environment for our workers as well as our clients. A clean job site is a better looking and safer job site.

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