Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Sarasota Remodeling Contractor

Finally – the birds are chirping, the sun is beaming outside, and the days are longer. Spring cleaning is in effect and we’re all very excited about the new season. But wait a minute: is that a crack in your kitchen tile? Can you feel the spring breeze coming through your front door even when it’s closed? That spring Sarasota sun has all the sudden illuminated the remodeling projects you’ve been putting off and now it’s time to call a contractor.
You’re probably antsy to get your house in tiptop shape, but before you hire the first contractor your internet search brings up, prepare yourself. Even small remodel projects require an expert eye, a professional attitude, and an exceptional outcome. So remember to ask these questions in your search for the perfect company.

1. Can You Provide an Itemized Quote?

As with any major project, plans change. When a contractor offers you a price, have him itemize it. That way there won’t be any unexpected charges that inflate your price, and later adjustments will be clear as day.

2. Do You Work Around Here Often?

If a contractor is popular around your area, you can bet he probably does good work. Furthermore, if the company is local, there won’t be excessive travel times and subsequent costs.

3. Can I See Your Current Projects?

Always, always, always check out their recent projects. That way you can get a feel for their craftsmanship, their taste, and maybe even some good ideas for yourself.

4. Who’s the One in Charge on Site?

Generally the contractor you meet or get the quote from isn’t the man working on site once the project begins. Meeting the foreman is a great way to make sure the company will be a good fit, especially if they’ll be working in your house while you’re living in it.

5. How Can I Contact You & the Foreman?

Uh-oh, an unexpected problem pops up. You’ll definitely want to know how to contact both the foreman and the head contractor in case of emergencies.

6. Do You Have Any Concerns About My Remodel Project?

The expert knows best and will likely point out any potential issues with your gran remodel idea. Having the contractor identify them upfront can save you both headaches down the line.

7. When Are Your Working Hours?

Establish working hours upfront; if you don’t want a bunch of workers showing up at 5 am or working late into the night, let the contractor know. You can both set up working hours and days that accommodate you and your family best.

8. Are You Working with an Architect or Designer?

Having an architect or designer assist with a remodel project is a great idea, but it comes with added coordination. We discuss this more in detail here.

9. What Happens if I Don’t Like Something?

Sometimes it happens, you don’t always love an aspect of the finished results. Knowing how your contractor handles these situations will help you get exactly what you want.

10. What Does the Project Schedule Look Like?

So many projects go over schedule, the best way to avoid this is lay everything out on the table beforehand.

Choose Proven Experts

The best advice we can give while you’re choosing the perfect contractor is to go with the proven Sarasota, Siesta Key, and West of the Trail Florida experts. Call Markley Construction at 941-702-0887 to get started on your next remodel project.

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