Temperatures are heating up, especially in southern states like Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. As summer settles in and the sun really gets hot during the day, we’re sure you’ll feel the heat even indoors. Unfortunately, that means a soaring electric bill and we tend to crank the A.C. to keep our homes feeling cool. So here are a few key tips to remember while staying cool that won’t shock your bank account.

  1. Close the blinds. Most unwanted heat sneaks in through your windows, so cover them up. If you want to be really hardcore, get heavy-duty curtains that trap the cool air inside. If you’re looking for a remodeling project, replacing old windows with energy efficient ones is a great way to help keep your house temperatures down.
  2. Embrace the night air. Once the sun goes down, temperatures tend to cool off. After sunset, it’s a good idea to open your windows and place your fans in front of them. This way the fans pull in the cooler night air and blow it into your house. Box fans placed on window sills works very well, but standing, oscillating fans are great too.
  3. Keep fans on. A few fans can go a long way, and they are much cheaper to operate than your A.C. If you have ceiling fans, change their rotation to counter-clockwise and let is spin at a hgh speed to create a chilly breeze throughout the day. Also turn on your bathroom and furnace fans to keep air circulating and cool off smaller rooms in your home.
  4. Switch your lightbulbs. We love energy efficient bulbs because they save money and last longer, but you’ll also love them because they emit light without also emitting heat. Ditch the incandescent bulbs and install LEDs, you’ll thank us later.
  5. Use a dehumidifier. In states like Florida, the muggy, damp heat in summer can be killer. Air with lower humidity levels feels cooler, even if it’s at a high temperature. A dehumidifier can suck away the excess moisture in the air and facilitate a cooler feeling house.


These are all great tips if you’re not looking to make any major changes to your home. However, there are some renovations or careful remodeling choices that can go the distance. For more tips on keeping your house cool all summer long, including great remodeling or home addition projects, call the Sarasota and Siesta Key home experts at Markley Construction.