When you’re working on a project as important as creating your dream home, the last thing you want is a sneaky contractor. Building a custom home is one of the best investments for yourself and your future. With the right builder, your new home can be a perfect oasis for your family. Don’t take risks with your most important investment. Watch out for the following warning signs your contractor is cutting corners.


A sketchy home builder will likely try and switch out good materials for bad ones. He might promise you a high quality roof only to deliver lesser-quality goods. Beware of items labeled “builder grade.” Think of this term as a euphemism for average. Builder grade materials are generally pre-fabricated and mass produced. Your custom home deserves superior custom materials.


If your contractor is using cheaper materials, he’s likely not going to let you see them. Some contractors will take advantage of a trusting home owner and order other materials than originally promised. Check out all the materials going into your home. You have a right to nitpick and get exactly what you want.


Another big warning sign of a shoddy contractor is he’s constantly running into problems. Sure, hiccups and unexpected costs will arise on most jobsites. However, your builder shouldn’t persistently come to you with things gone awry that require your checkbook. Any good contractor will budget for some unanticipated costs, but don’t let him use those to pad his pockets.


Many builders hire subcontractors to handle specific jobs like plumbing and electrical. This is normal. What’s not normal is hiring the cheapest subcontractor to do a good job. While it’s not always the case, cheap subcontractors are often the most inexperienced. This can spell disaster for your custom home project. Ask for a list of all subcontractors and look into their experience and testimonials.


Building a perfect, custom home requires a ton of communication. You’ll want to be in contact with your contractor. He should be able to give you updates and specifics on your home throughout the build. A big waving red flag is if your contractor always pushes off meetings or won’t return your calls.


Save yourself the hassles of a corner-cutting contractor by hiring smart. Markley Construction is the leading custom home builder and renovation expert in Longboat Key, Casey Key, and the finest neighborhoods West of the Trail in Sarasota County. Call us today for a free consultation on your stunning dream home.