There are so many ways to build a custom house that will make it your dream home. Most people think of luxurious finishes like a chef kitchen, crown molding, high ceilings, and massive walk-in closets. However, there’s a ton of innovative gadgets that will transform your home into a present-day masterpiece. In addition, they’ll help your home be more appealing to future buyers if you ever decide to sell.


The most important addition to your home’s technology trove is a central system. Adding one of these will give your home a simple and easy hub to control all the different gadgets. Plus it makes adding new devices a cinch. Program all your devices to your central hub and control them all from your smart phone. Some systems even automate several aspects of your home at once.


Kitchens tend to be the busiest place of any home, so why not make your kitchen even smarter? Refrigerators today do more than just cool your food. Advanced touchscreens can track your family’s schedule, let you leave notes for later, and make grocery shopping less of a chore. Don’t remember if you need to pick up eggs? Your fridge can snap a picture of its contents and email it to you.


Ever get that panicky feeling after you’ve left the house thinking you forgot to lock up? Put those fears aside with a smarter lock. These locks can be accessed by your smartphone so you can lock and unlock with the touch of a button. Additionally, some locks have a keypad and a traditional keyhole so you can use whichever is more comfortable.


Not only will you be able to turn your lights off with your phone, advanced lights offer even more benefits. LED smart light bulbs are energy efficient and can last for ages. This means you’ll save big bucks on your electricity bill and take less from the environment. But the best thing about smart bulbs is their ability to adjust to your presence. They’ll automatically turn on when they detect you’re in the room. Plus the lights can adjust from bright light to soft white without you lifting a finger.


When it comes to building a smart home without compromising on classic feel, Markley Construction is the top choice. Email us at [email protected] to start building your custom smart home.

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