Our standard features are other contractors’ high-end luxury options. We build using the highest quality materials and finishes to maximize the highest return on your investment. Markley Construction custom homes have higher resale values than the competition. Here is a list of some of our standard features. Please call us if you have any questions regarding features not seen here.

  • Lighting is LED Technology for Highest Efficiency & Longevity
  • Windows, Doors & Sliding Glass are Impact Resistant Hurricane Rated
  • All Windows & Doors are Low E
  • Base & Crown Moldings are a minimum of 5 ¼ in. with most projects being 7 ¼ in.
  • Most Ceilings are minimum 10 ft.
  • HVAC systems are 16 SEER or Greater in Efficiency with Dual Speed Motors
  • Wall Switches & Outlets are by Décor
  • Door Casings are 3 ¼ in. with Solid Core Doors
  • Home Automation System for Control of TV/DVD, Home Audio System, A/C Thermostatic, Blinds & Link Ability to Security Systems with Cameras.
  • All Countertops are Granite or Quartz
  • All Appliances are Stainless Steel or Solid Wood Paneled to Match Kitchen Cabinetry
  • Choice of High Grade Flooring such as Hand Scraped Woods, Marbles, Granites & Porcelain Tiles
  • All kitchen & Bathroom Cabinetry is Custom Made to Maximize Designed Space Using Highest Quality Plywood Boxes & Solid Wood Doors.
  • Home Structure is Insulated with Icynene Attics & R-19 Walls
  • All Closets Customized with Wood Shelving Systems to Maximize Closet Space

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