The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house but remodeling it can make a huge difference in your house’s market value and ability to sell.

As one of your rooms with the least square footage larger fixtures in the bathroom are even more important in regard to the space. Maximize the area and design in your bathroom or powder room by choosing the proper fixtures.


As with any room, the bathroom is just an extension of the home and should fit in with the overall feel and flow of the house. If you have a rustic, farmhouse style house, the bathroom should reflect that and make it easy to transition from the room or hall into the bath. An ultra-sleek, modern bathroom wouldn’t blend well.


Unlike most other rooms, function reigns in bathrooms. Playing with function and form can be beneficial and bring your bathroom to the next level. Knowing what you’ll use your bathroom for and how long are important factors when choosing the right fixtures.  For example, if your master bathroom is your oasis, where you go to spend ample time relaxing, you’re likely to choose a different shower/tub than someone who is preparing to sell their home.

The key to choosing the right fixtures is being able to find pieces that work for you that also look great and are size appropriate. If you’re sharing a vanity with someone, choose a vanity and counter that can hold two sinks, or if the room only allows for one, choose a large sink with a high faucet. If the bathroom is mostly for children or multi-purpose use, choosing a counter or vanity with the maximized amount of storage space and including a tub is the way to go.


Another significant factor when choosing bathroom fixtures is their ability to perform well while minimizing the use of resources. New technology on the market has allowed toilets, faucets, and shower heads to use less water and enhance the style of your bathroom. Sustainable materials such as FSC-Certified wood and recycled stone or glass also lend added environmentally friendly aspects to your home.  Even if a “green” bathroom isn’t on your radar, many home buyers look for eco-friendly ______ and it can certainly make your bathroom renovation stand out.


If you’ve been inspired to tackle that bathroom remodel project, make sure you call the design and construction experts at Markley Construction. We’ll work with you to bring your bathroom idea to life and incorporate the best elements that make the smallest room in your home the place you’ll want to show off. Call us today at 941-702-0887 and check out our gallery for inspiration and more.

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