Thinking of starting a remodeling project on your Sarasota condo? Perhaps your recently acquired condo isn’t quite up to your design standards, or you’re looking to impress potential buyers.  An upgrade can be just what the doctor ordered to elevate the look and feel of your condominium. Before you run out and start looking at paint swatches and stainless steel appliances, there are a few things to keep in mind.


Remodels can be very exciting, but it is important not to get carried away in a small or medium sized condo. A tasteful remodel can be accomplished while making your small space feel big and open. Hardwood floors are a great go-to for condos to add class and offer a major resale value if you decide to sell. In Florida, it’s hard to go wrong with an elegant, neutral tile. It brightens up small spaces and offers easy clean up, especially if your condo is near the beach.

Adding larger, energy efficient windows and, if the space allows, a sliding glass door can really bring in natural light from the sun, making any space feel larger and provide a smooth transition between your indoor and outdoor space.

Be wary of overwhelming the space with too much in one room. Be mindful of your square footage, especially in areas with high volume and use, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Installing oversized appliances might seem ultra-luxurious in pictures and store fronts, but once installed can dwarf their surroundings and imbalance the space.


Unlike most single family home owners, condo owners must get approval from their community association before planning any remodel project. Owning a condo means your home unit is part of a larger community of similar units that maintain a structural uniformity. Your HOA maintains that uniformity with CC&Rs, also known as covenants, conditions, and restrictions, which are legally binding. Most associations require prior approval before any remodel involving:

Once you have an idea for a remodel in mind and you’ve spoken to a contractor, be sure to take any proposals to your condo association for written approval before any work begins. You don’t want to damper a beautiful remodel with HOA fines.


Renovating a condo is tricky, but hiring the right contractor can make a whole world of difference. Stick with the industry professional in high-end remodels in the Sarasota area. Markley Construction can help turn your creative ideas into a one of a kind condo.

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