Building a custom home can be a daunting task. There are so many aspects to building a brand new structure that fits all your needs. When you want a house that stands out and offers all the bells and whistles on the market, don’t trust just any contractor. There are tons of local custom home builders to choose from and many will claim they have what it takes. Only Markley Construction can build a luxurious custom home for you and make the entire process feel seamless and hassle free. It’s not an easy task, but with so much experience it only comes naturally to us.


The most important part of building a custom home is the vision. Your idea of how you want your house to look, feel, and perform is what makes a custom home so special. The last thing you want is a contractor ruining your vision with their own. At Markley Construction, we’re experts at crafting your dream home into an everyday oasis. It’s not just about building a house, it’s about making a truly comfortable space to make your own. We work one-on-one with you, and as a team with your architects, interior designers, and more to realize your vision.


One of our shining accolades is our lasting relationship with our clients. Throughout the conception and creation of your custom home you can count on Markley Construction. We work with you throughout the entire process, so you always have an expert’s ear. Your home is your sanctuary and you wouldn’t put your sanctuary in the hands of a contractor you couldn’t trust. But don’t just take it from us. We’ve got testimonials and references from previous clients who have joined the Markley Construction family.


When you work with Markley Construction, you can rest assured that everything we do is for your benefit. From laying a solid foundation to the final touches, we make sure the entire process is done right. We pride ourselves on the highest quality of work no matter how large or small the project so you can feel pride in your home. We build houses and partnerships to last.

Before you’re ready to break ground on your brand new custom home in Sarasota, call Markley Construction to learn more about us.

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