Add elegance to your home’s entrance while upping your curb appeal with a custom made front door. Many experts agree that changing up your front door is one of the best ways to up your property value and more importantly recuperate the cost.

Nothing makes an impressive statement like a custom designed front door. Grab the attention of potential buyers and create a lasting first impression before they even enter your house. Follow these steps to dress up any entryway.


What do you want your door to say about you, about your house? First, consider what your house needs as well as how you want your entry to fit with the house. If you prefer a statement door, try adding a pop of unexpected color. If your house is in need of more light, design your door with glass features or transom windows.

To design a truly remarkable entrance, start by thinking outside the box. Design the entire door in a tall arch or shape the surrounding windows in a tall sweeping arch around the door.


When it comes to front doors, there are a myriad of materials you can use to dress up your doorway. Steel doors can be affordable and hearty for a stunningly strong front entrance. The time-honored solid wood door is a great way to add character and charm paired with classic good looks. Wood doors are easily painted, giving you the versatility to change up the color any time.

Fiberglass doors are a popular choice for those wishing to create a custom door, whether professional or as a DIY project. They offer a low-maintenance option with more durability than wood, though they don’t recuperate costs as well. If you’re looking to


Door accessories are just as important as the design and structure of your front door. Many pre-fabricated selections have hardware packages that include the knob and hinges. At the very least, the door will come with cutouts for latches, deadbolts, and the knob itself.

With a custom door, you can choose exactly which knobs and latches will work best for you. You can even include a massive knocker in the shape of a lion’s head to further customize your entry.


Remember, your front door is more than just a rectangle on hinges; it’s the portal to your home. Its sets the mood before anyone even walks in. So give it the customized attention it deserves and call Markley Construction. With unparalleled experience, they’ll help you design the front door to make all neighbors drool.

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