When remodeling your single family house, a major wow-factor can be professionally laid flooring. Finding a flooring option that fits with the look and feel of your home can add big bucks to your property value, plus give you and your family a more functional and beautiful place to call home.

Before beginning any remodel project, it’s good to think about what your goal is: do you want easy-to-clean floors, or are you looking to soften up a space? Maybe you want the luxurious, timeless look of hardwoods, or low maintenance laminate. Once you nail down your house’s goal, then you can figure a budget and get to work sifting through the many flooring options.


Soft and durable carpet can be a great flooring choice to families with little children or in cold climates. Carpet plus the padding that goes underneath it can act as insulation from cold ground temperatures. It’s also soft and with plush options or extra thick padding, carpet can make living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, and playrooms more comfortable. Plus, with a wide range of prices, carpet works for you no matter your budget.


Laminate is a great option for those who admire the natural color and pattern of wood but scoff at the price. As a super easy-to-clean and low maintenance flooring, laminate works well for busy families or areas with high traffic, like halls, mudrooms, or kitchens. Because of its affordability and classic look, it also makes a great flooring choice for rental properties or first time home buyers.


With exquisite natural tones varying across the color spectrum, hardwood floors offer an elegant fit for any room. There are many wood species that provide various hues, maintenance levels, and prices, hardwood is versatile enough to work in many homes. Hardwood is prone to show wear and tear after a while, but with proper protection or in some cases refinishing, they can last for decades.


If you live in hot, humid, or coastal climates, then tile is an ideal selection for flooring that can be both tasteful and functional. Tile works well in mudrooms, basements, laundry rooms, front entryways, and can also liven up a patio or front porch. With thousands of different colors and tile types, the possibilities are numerous. Of course, tile can crack over time, so it’s smart to have a few spares or be ready to re-do tile if it has suffered heavy use.


If you’re looking to redo your floors or remodel an entire room or house, give the professionals at Markley Construction a call at 941-702-0887. They’ll help you choose the perfect floor for your house, one that fits your lifestyle and your budget. With years of experience in the central Florida area, rest assured your remodel project will be completed by the best in the business.

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