It’s easy to get excited about an upcoming remodel on your home or business. Ideas start flying and before you know it you’re in need of a contractor to bring your vision to life. In the Central Florida area, there are heaps of contractors to choose from, so before you hire someone, make sure to follow these steps to protect yourself and your property.


First it’s best to try getting referrals from friends, family, and neighbors. They’re likely to be the most honest about contractors they have worked with. They may also know people who can give you a good starting point for your search.

Before making any calls for estimates, do some online digging on local contractors you might be interested in working with. Even if they were recommended by people you know, it’s best to see for yourself. Check each contractor’s online reviews then look at their website for testimonials and pictures of their previous work.

Once you’ve narrowed down a list of contractors in your area and you’ve contacted them for estimates, be sure to find out the licensing requirements for the job and check that the contractor has a current license.


When establishing the budget and scope of the project, ask the contractor for a specified, itemized quote. Remodel construction costs can vary widely, and it’s easy for a less-than-professional contractor to add on costs once the job in underway. Be cautious of any quote that seems unrealistically low.

Once you’ve hired your contractor, get a written contract to better protect yourself and keep everything running smoothly. Work together with the project manager to set deadlines, specify the scope of their work, and list out materials needed for the job. The contracting company should be in charge of securing all permits, so it’s helpful to have them supply a list of the building permits they’ll need.

Every licensed contractor should carry insurance, to cover both the job and their workers. You should always check to see what insurance they carry. At minimum they should have personal liability, worker’s compensation & property damage insurance with sufficient coverage.


 The best way to go is with a professional contracting company with an outstanding record and plenty of projects to show for it. The experts at Markley Construction have expansive industry knowledge, experience with a wide range of homes and commercial properties, and they can help you get started on a great custom remodeling or addition project. Contact us today at 941-702-0887 or [email protected]

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