Your home is often the biggest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime, and with the fluctuating housing market in recent years, maintaining property value can be a difficult and costly task for Florida home owners.  Fortunately there are a few tricks known to help improve your overall property value, most notably: remodeling. Even if you don’t plan on selling your house or condo anytime soon, a well-designed remodel can significantly boost your home value.


Unsure where to start on your home remodel? The most bang for your buck usually happens in the kitchen.  A well-designed remodel in kitchen can offer a large return when you sell your house or condo. Opening up the space by removing walls that close off the kitchen, replacing small widows with larger, more efficient ones, upgrading cabinets and appliances all go a long way in a kitchen remodel. Even simply adding recessed lighting, a new backsplash, and a soothing, neutral paint color can do the trick for not-so-outdated kitchens.

When a kitchen is remodeled well and appropriately for the size of the property, it can add between 75 and 85 percent of the cost back into the home’s value.


Bathrooms are also key remodel zones. Contemporary tile, sleek light fixtures, and a designated color palette can update even the smallest bathroom and offer a solid return once your home is on the market. Replacing old fiberglass or acrylic tubs or liners with a tile and glass shower can make a full bathroom feel like a luxurious oasis and entice future buyers.

Updated bathrooms throughout a home can increase the property’s value significantly relative to its cost. A masterfully remodeled bathroom can return up to 100% of your investment.


There are also several important remodel projects to keep in mind when looking to add value to your house or condo. New siding or exterior paint coupled with fresh landscaping and a new front door can add major curb appeal and leave a lasting first impression.  Hardwood floors and crown molding can add timeless sophistication to both new and old homes.

Not all remodels are created equal. Be sure to do your research on a local level, check out comparable houses in your neighborhood. Notice the difference between the house prices and the condition of the house. Those with skillfully crafted remodels are likely to yield a higher value, while those with makeshift updates tend not to price as well.


To get started on boosting your property value, contact the licensed Sarasota pros at Markley Construction. We are experts at turning ordinary or outdated houses and condominiums into luxurious homes.

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