Finding the perfect custom home builder can be a daunting task. Add in a custom project on house-sized scale and things can get even trickier. It takes research and planning to find the right company for the job, and following a few important points can make the entire process easier and less stressful.


Before you speak with any contractor who specializes in building custom homes, make a list of your home’s must-haves. Not only can this give you a good idea of what’s important to you, but it also helps your potential contractor focus his expertise. When you know what you want in a house it’s easier to determine what you want in a contractor. If having a three-car garage with an above apartment is essential to your home, find a home builder with experience in large, multi-purpose garages. Same goes for any part of your home that requires special attention.


A builder’s previous projects speak volumes to their work ethic and skill. Take the time to look at their work history, ask to see projects they’ve worked on before. Ask for references or testimonials from earlier clients, some may even be willing to speak with you and tell you about their experience. A quality custom home contractor will be glad to provide you with this information. Also take note of the design of each home; you want it to match your own design tastes. A modern style home deserves a contractor who builds incredible modern homes.

A great way to see how successful your custom home contractor will be is to look up the value of their builds. It’s pretty easy to find a home’s current and past values by checking their tax history. Look up the home’s they’ve built to see if they have increased or at least maintained their value.


We may not even need to mention this, but it should be a given that your home builder is licensed and carries proper insurance. Many custom homes are large and have expensive components. The materials alone can be very costly. You want to make sure your contractor has enough insurance to cover any accidents or damage. Licensing varies from county to county, so read up on the requirements for your area and then ask your contractor for copies of their licenses.


Markley Construction has worked with dozens of families in the Central Florida area and completed incredible custom projects. We know what it takes to make a home worthy of your vision, so give us a call and let us take your dream and make it a reality.

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