A new, professionally constructed wood deck can be a great addition to your home and backyard. If you’ve always wanted a serene space to drink your morning coffee, or an outdoor oasis to enjoy, then adding a beautiful deck is the right decision. A well designed deck can also work wonders on your property value, in fact most experts list it as one of the best home improvement projects to increase value and recuperate your costs. That is, of course, if it’s done correctly.

Adding a wooden deck can be a tricky renovation project, so choosing the best wood is essential. Wood that’s close to the ground, surrounds a pool, or is close to water is at risk for fast deterioration, mold infestations as well as wear and tear from everyday use. For the best and longest lasting deck, the best way to go is picking a high quality lumber that naturally resists rot, mold, and even termites.


Ipe decking is one of the most luxurious and strongest lumber species on the market. When it comes to durability, look no further than Ipe. We recommend it because it offers the most benefits: you’ll never have to worry about power washing or checking for termite damage. Ipe is too dense for termites to eat through, water to destroy, or mold to infiltrate.

Probably considered one of the most beautiful options for decking, Ipe is naturally a rich brown with some variation between planks, lending the beauty of natural wood to your outdoor space. Because of its superior performance, Ipe is ideal for surrounding pools and beach houses. The best part is you won’t have to replace or refinish it for decades. Now that’s a solid renovation investment.


If you’re on the market for a slightly less expensive but just as rock-solid, the alternative lies with the beautifully golden hues of Cumaru decking. High grade Cumaru will give you a deck or pool area that stands out amongst your neighbors. Just like Ipe, it’s immensely durable and naturally fights off the termites, mold, and decay that plague lesser quality woods and composite alternatives. And unlike traditional pressure treated wood, Cumaru won’t warp, split, or crack.


To build the strongest and most stress-free deck that will look stunning and last a while, pick a high quality outdoor lumber, such as Ipe or Cumaru. Aside from picking a proven lumber, pick a professional contractor who’s the best in the business, and that’s Markley Construction.

When you’re ready to add a breathtaking deck to your backyard or pool, call us at 941-702-0887 and ask about all the amazing options for your outdoor remodel projects. You can also email questions & set up a free consultation at [email protected].

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