At Markley Construction, we don’t believe in cutting corners. We build luxury homes that define luxury. You want a beautiful house that isn’t just another McMansion, you want it to reflect your style in every nook and cranny. That’s why we offer more standard luxury features than ever before. You won’t be bogged down with unnecessary choices. You also won’t be hit with luxury up-charges that other custom builders love to tack on for fine homes. Get everything you want in your home without the headache. We make luxury features and materials the standard for every home we build.


What we provide as standard features in a custom home bring luxury to a whole new level. Many other contractors offer high-end options that don’t come close to the quality we provide. Why worry about choosing luxury packages when you can have it all? On top of that, our custom homes get you more return for your investment. They’re often valued much higher than other custom-built houses in Longboat Key, Casey Key, and West of the Trailrea.


  1. LED Lighting – we only use LED technology for our lighting components. New, advanced homes are valued for efficiency and longevity; there’s no use in using more electricity than we need to. Plus, LED lights last for years and run much cooler than traditional bulbs.
  2. Impact Resistant Hurricane Rated Windows & Doors – this is a must have for all Florida homes. Not only do these windows protect against debris and wind breaking your glass, but they also make burglaries more difficult.
  3. Low E Windows & Doors – the Florida sun can be grueling, heating up your home, your car, and anything else it can. Our Low E glass windows are specifically designed to reflect heat and keep your home cooler without overrunning the AC.
  4. Large Base & Crown Moldings – All of our moldings are a minimum of 5 ¼ inches wide for a truly classic, luxurious look. If you want to go bigger, all the better. Many of our custom homes feature 7 ¼ inch base and crown moldings.
  5. 16 SEER or Greater HVAC – higher efficiency means less waste and a lower electricity bill, so we always choose high efficiency HVAC units with dual speed motors.

We have more standard luxury amenities to suit all your household needs. Build your custom home with the leaders in fine homes. Call Markley Construction to hear about all the amazing things you can do when you build with us.

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