Hiring an architect to design your home or remodeling project can help tremendously. Some architects work from conception to the finishing touches, depending on your needs and the scope of your hiring. They can help in areas with special building requirements like steep hills, earthquake zones, extreme winds, and coastal settings. Architects do many things from offering schematic designs, design development, construction documents, and more. Whether your architect is working closely with your contractor or simply providing drawings for your design, it is essential to meet with your contractor before you hire an architect.


If you’re looking to hire an architect to draft construction blueprints for your new home before you consult your contractor, be wary. Not all architects know structural engineering the way a contractor or actual engineer does. Many architects are design-heavy thinkers. They can create a beautiful building on paper, but it doesn’t necessarily translate perfectly to real life.

For example, one home addition had a master suite over a three-car garage added to an older home. The architect’s designs had a low-pitch roof to match the look of the original home. However, with such a large space under the roof, the builder’s needed to build a much higher pitch. A contractor will know these potential issues before they begin building. That way you can get a better idea of what your remodel or new construction will actually look like.


Contractors and architects have to work together no matter the construction project. It’s important to speak to your contractor to lay out what you want for your home. Plus you can explain your expectations for his work and the architect’s. Your contractor might also be able to recommend an esteemed architect that he has experience with and has worked with previously. Putting together a dream remodel team will set your entire project up for success.

Once you’ve communicated your expectations to your contractor, then you can begin working with an architect, laying out the plans you’ve had in your head and making them come alive first on paper and then on the ground.


Working closely with your contractor and your architect as a cooperative team can give you the best of both worlds: a beautifully designed home that is practical and within budget. To get started on your dream new construction or remodel, call Markley Construction.

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