What you should know before Hiring a Concrete Contractor?


  SUBSTRATES – THIS ENSURES A QUALITY PROJECT The first thing to consider in creating long lasting concrete project is a well compacted substrate. This is the area beneath the concrete. The substrate must be strong enough to withstand the weight of both the concrete and all loads in addition to the concrete encountered throughout […]

What comes standard in your Markley custom luxury home.

Markley Construction-Casey Key Project

Our standard features are other contractors’ high-end luxury options. We build using the highest quality materials and finishes to maximize the highest return on your investment. Markley Construction custom homes have higher resale values than the competition. Here is a list of some of our standard features. Please call us if you have any questions […]

Tips on hiring a contractor in Florida.

hire a licensed contractor

HERE ARE KEY QUESTIONS & TIPS YOU SHOULD KNOW WHEN HIRING A CONTRACTOR IN FLORIDA. Ask to see their Florida State registered or Florida state certified contractor’s license. Visit www.myfloridalicense.com or call the number below to verify that the license is valid. Ask for references of work the contractor has completed in the area and […]

Why subcontracting can be beneficial for your project.


Many homeowners don’t know if they should work with companies that use subcontractors. That is a reasonable concern, in certain circumstances. But when it comes to building or remodeling a home, subcontracting can often be a value-adding benefit. That’s why many General Contractors use subcontractors when they build or remodel their own homes for their […]

What to expect when remodeling your home: The permitting Process


One of the most important steps in a home remodel is the acquisition of appropriate building permits. Contractors call this procedure “pulling the permits.” It is important for homeowners to understand why those permits are necessary, and how the whole permitting process works. HOME REMODEL PERMITS & YOUR SAFETY The reason that permits for a […]

Architects vs. General Contractors: Who should you hire first?


SHOULD YOU CONSULT A CONTRACTOR BEFORE HIRING YOUR FLORIDA ARCHITECT? For extensive building or remodeling projects, most reputable contractors agree that it’s a good idea to hire an architect. Just avoid using them for hashing out ideas in a way that you can do for free with your contractors, because consulting with architects can be […]

What remodeling projects have the highest impact on your home’s value?

Markley Construction-Casey Key Project

When you’re thinking of undertaking your next home remodeling project, you probably envision a chef’s kitchen with sparkling new counter tops or a shiny new double soaking tub. Now before you get too excited picking out tiles and back-splashes, take a minute to really evaluate your home’s condition and how you want your home’s value […]

Top ten questions to ask before choosing a remodeling contractor.

Markley Construction-Airport Hanger Man Cave

Finally – the birds are chirping, the sun is beaming outside, and the days are longer. Spring cleaning is in effect and we’re all very excited about the new season. But wait a minute: is that a crack in your kitchen tile? Can you feel the spring breeze coming through your front door even when […]

Top five ways to keep your home cool during summer.

Markley Construction-Longboat Key Remodel

Temperatures are heating up, especially in southern states like Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. As summer settles in and the sun really gets hot during the day, we’re sure you’ll feel the heat even indoors. Unfortunately, that means a soaring electric bill and we tend to crank the A.C. to keep our homes feeling cool. So […]

How to balance traditional elements in a new modern home.

Markley Construction-Cascades Of Sarasota

Creating the right balance in your new home is essential for a harmonious look and feel. Houses built now and in the coming years will have to effortlessly blend traditional aspects with changing technology and tastes. Although it sounds tricky, it is possible so long as you keep the following tips in mind. Furthermore, you […]